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About Us

Mobile Sound and Video has been providing quality disk jockey, karaoke, and entertainment since our founding in 1977. We started using a records format, but continually strive for the best. We have provided music video entertainment since 1986. We have led the field in technology by going compact disc digital in 1989. We continued to lead with computer based performances in 1998. We still lead today by providing computer driven music videos since 2004. Our lighting systems now uses energy saving L.E.D. technology. We continually strive to provide the latest technology to improve our performance, and YOUR EVENT.

It is our mission to provide professional entertainment to enhance your event. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to remain current and educated in the latest techniques and technology, to listen carefully to the needs of our client, and then put forward all our knowledge and experience and MAKE IT HAPPEN!  



National Association of Mobile Entertainers

Mobile Beat Magazine



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