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We can provide a premium photo booth for your event. Our booths can be set up in a small area. We have free standing booths that are accessible to ALL your guests! The fun is not restricted to those who can fit into a small booth. Group shots are easy.

Our booths feature quality DSLR cameras and flash to provide great detail and resolution. We have a table-full of props to enhance your fun photos! Hats, Glasses, Boas, Leis, Signs, etc. Grab a prop and strike a pose!

You pictures come out in about 30 seconds! You can enjoy and share with others. If you need additional copies, just ask your photo booth attendant for help. We can also provide an album of all your guests’ photos and leave a space for them to write special wishes to you. If you wish, we can provide a digital copy of all the photos as well.

Call us today to ask about a photo booth to fit your budget!





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